All about Google AdSense (tips and tricks) in 2012

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What is Google AdSense?Google AdSense is a website for the group} that allows site owners to manage their site through the network of text ads, image and video. And the operation of these Google ads, and revenue generation per click or per impression. Google pays publishers, and a certain percentage of what (in the Google AdWords program) clients are paying advertisers research.

Applying for a Google AdSense account1. For the implementation of Google AdSense account Starting the program []2. Currently, click the "Register Now"3. Meeting the needs of present and
That's it. Now, wait 10-15 days to respond. I hope you approve. If they refuse, then follow the links below for a quick and easy to get approval from Google AdSense.

Types of ads Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense ads are compatible with the following types:

Ad Content
Advertising in the field of
Food ads
Statement of mobile content

Google Adsense accidental position
Place a rectangular size (336 × 280) declarations under another title
Units in the Statement of (468 × 728 × Fifteen or 15) below the menu bar
Place the medium rectangle (300 × 250) Date of publication of
Take advantage of the skyscraper (120 × 600) ads on any of the two and three years. If you have two columns, then using rectangular (336 × 280) ads on the sidebar.
Place advertisements in the link just below the label

Prohibited content for AdsenseAdsense does not disagree, if the page has content that does not allow the AdSense program. This content is called forbidden. These are -

Pornography, adult content
The content of piracy
Cracking content
On pornography
Violence and intolerance, or advocacy against the mass of people, or the radial
Drag the content that is not legal to obtain data
Concepts that encourage people to try to work illegally
Seal the promotion of the withdrawal, and so on.

Google AdSense tips and tricks

Attempt to get the most effective in the Google AdSense:
The publication of the AdSense ads under the title of each post
Attempt to recruit 336 × 228 ad format
Select the text of the Declaration
Put your AdSense ads near record
Change the color of text and advertising, and color of the text once
Check out the colors of your ad title, title color similar alternative
Obviously, adjust color and color similar ads blog to record the highest regard
Remove keywords from low-wage competition filter

Do not click your own ads
Do not lift people
Do not try to remove the ads, "Google"
Do not sell your website / blog link
Do not sell your page rank
Do not allow traffic on the Internet or offline
Do not use code to update the site frequently
Do not place ads on any adult site

How are you able to win a lot of AdSenseSuppose your site / blog and the 500 000 pages per month with a session of looks. If it's worth every click zero.20 dollars, then you can earn $ 5000 per month. It is also less reliable or a lot of traffic to your website and the contents (as shown in the high salaries in the content of their ads).

I can check how a lot of pressure on AdSense ads with these tips: six
Most publishers use AdSense on a blog or sites to the form of cash from the Internet. AdSense is an easy to use and considers many of the books agree that Adsense is that the best answer to all the bloggers and website owners of homes on the Internet to make money from their websites or blog. However, there are some tips that can help you get a lot of clicks on AdSense ads, and the extra money. Here are six tips to help you get a lot of pressure on the AdSense for guests.
The first to stay above the fold ads on their websites or blogs means you have to put your AdSense ads at the top of the page to the visitor for the first time makes it easy to check. And therefore in some way, that fascinated the ads and pressure to induce the announcement of the data, even when not read the contents of the blog.
Second, you have the background color of its own ads to be similar to the background color of the blog site /. In addition, the color of links in their ads to fit a relationship similar to your website or blog. This trick `t wear Adsense ads appear on the screen, usually higher than the confusion among people as a result of the content of the blog.
Third note that more than 2 tips do not work anyway, if your network website / blog is that the market is. You have everything to make connections and share the link, Southeast Europe. However, we tend to consider most of the tourists clicking on your Adsense ads are the search engines. Measurement is one of the vital weapons before the war all AdSense.
Fourth, if you have an intelligent content, and a lot of you have the Google AdSense program of Google Adsense ads in a lot of vitality to you, and then tend to be fascinated by a lot of people to click on the ads. However, in a particular purpose, some readers to donate as a result of great content for them, simply click on the AdSense ads to help you create cash.
5 Linking AdSense unit area on your website is a great way to induce incredible lot of clicks. Sounds like the menu bar for people over many of the habits.
VI the search box on your blog or website is fine. So while the picture is not consultation, you have to use AdSense for search. Provide your guests will notice your website or blog, simply, and you earn money when users click on ads that appear in the results list, to get the right words to people.
These six tips can help a lot to AdSense on your website / blog. However, many of the most important is that traffic. Therefore, to make money with Adsense, and you have your website / blog includes a lot of traffic all day in search engines.

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