Discover Google AdSense Tips and Tricks for web content in 2012

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Nowadays, more people are getting addicted to blogging and creating their own websites. That is also the reason why Google created AdSense where they'd be able to earn money from doing what they want.

Anyone can set up their own website and sign up to Google AdSense but that doesn't mean you can earn. One doesn't need to buy books or hire someone just to earn through AdSense. These Google AdSense Tips and Tricks, you will be able to earn more.

Make your Ads Visible

Placing your ads correctly can do so much. Most people do it wrong by placing the ads at the bottom of their pages. The effect of this is that most visitors will ignore the last part of the page. Google AdSense Tips and Tricks suggests that if you place your ad either on top of the sidebar, right below the header, on top of each post, or right after every post title. This will increase your CTR or the Click Through Rate on your site.

Keep your Website Interesting

These Google AdSense Tips and Tricks won't work if your web content isn't interesting. No one wants to read something that is boring or random. Maintain the quality of your website/blog. This won't just increase your web traffic but will also make your ads appealing.

Blue Links

By default your ad links should be in blue, this is how people are used to and just by sticking to this rule, your CTR will at least increase by 5%.

Don't be Excited

If your website isn't finished yet, don't put your ads there yet. Since Google Ads are related to your web content, you will most likely have ads that are off your topic.

Blend your Ads Well

Website that has cluttered ads will not only make it unappealing but people will most likely ignore them. To avoid this, make sure that the color of the ad borders and backgrounds blend well with the color and design of your page.

Most of these Google AdSense Tips and Tricks are really easy and you don't really need to be so worried about it. Make sure you're still within Google's TOS and you yourself will come up with your own tips and tricks. Find out more about these great ideas, you can check and find out more than simple tips and tricks.

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