How to Protect your Adsense Code free 2010

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You may not remember however there's a potential danger to your adsense account.

 there's an opening that someone might copy your adsense code onto a web site with inappropriate code that may injury your whole adsense account.

This has happened a minimum of to 1 person atleast who has acknowledged this. There could also be additional who have not reported it.

This is quite scary if you think that seriously, all your toil will go down the drain if somebody decides to harm you real unhealthy.

But don't fret yourself to death - there's facilitate at hand. Recently adsense added a replacement feature to Google Adsense Program.

Adsense encompasses a new tab referred to as "Allowed Sites".

The two choices underneath this tab are;

 allow any site to point out ads for my account
 solely allow sure sites to point out ads for my account

In the second option you'll any domain or sub-domain to your list of approved sites.

If anyone tries to stick your code to any site other than the above list, the adsense ads can seem however you'll not get any revenue from the clicks or even count impressions.

Here I and many alternative similar thinking bloggers beg to differ from Google Adsense Program.

A better option would have been to solely show PSA's. Anyway Google has thought this to be right for them and this can be how it works for currently.

So i feel everybody should use this feature and protect their adsense account.

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