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We know that most sites to  increase Adsense generates a great source of additional advertising revenue.
That is why most of them used to go after high paying keywords. 

They have with them the lists that tells what words are and have already used various methods to identify them.  

Even now, after deducting these supposed high paying keywords on your pages, and money, which is expected to roll really is not the next.

Why they are doing wrong? However the pages with words is one thing. But driving visitors on those Web sites is a different matter and frequently was missing factors.  

The thing is, so that visitors to the pages of high paying key words, it is needs to be improved navigation of your site.  

Stop and thinking about how visitors use the site. After the visitor has visited a particular page, have a tendency to click on another page that sounds interesting. 

They came there because of other links that appear on the page that fell in the beginning. This is site navigation.  

It's all about enabling visitors to move from their site. And one how to  increase their AdSense earnings.  

A typically website has menu links on each page. The wording of these links is of considerable interest to the visitors and clicks on one of the links will take you to another page of this site.  

Ties that are "free" or "load" is good thing in many cases to the attention of the hand

 You can also apply with the logic of direct navigation traffic to their high paying pages. Are some sites that are receiving a lot of traffic from search engines, but low profits.  

The trick is to try to use the smart tag following links in for visitors to to the pages and took them to a higher profit. This is a great way to convert a pair of really cheap clicks in real dollars. Before the start of testing if this same method work for you and your website, you need two things.  

Something to follow up and compare and some high-income pages to suppress the traffic to your site. It is an option to select some of the pages of your site and visit often. This is to ensure quick to get.  

Now, the next step is to think of ways to get visitors to view a particular page to try clicking on the link will take you to the pages of high revenues. It comes with a catchy description for that link. Comes with a description of an attractive and unique of its kind for the link. Think of something that people do not get to see everyday life.  

Raise their curiosity enough to try to figure out what everything was. You can also use graphics to attract the attention of readers. There are no restrictions on what you can do to make your links clear. If you are after the success of your site, and will do what it takes just to achieve this goal. Just be creative.  

As regards many increase  Adsense advertisers, and no written and unwritten laws to follow up on their writing. Only time can not exceed the guidelines of search engines, then go for it.

Also be remembered that is location, location and location. Once only the description is made a perfect to catch the attention, you need to select the perfect spot on its website the status of this description of the link to the high paying page.  

Nothing wrong with visiting other sites to see how they go about maximizing its site navigation. "New pages" or lists of "most read" are very common and overly used already. To identifying those who use many of the sites and not try to imitate them.  

Another way is to try to use different texts in the different pages. This way you can see they work and what does not. Try mixing things right.  

Put links on top and sometimes at the bottom too. That is how you go about testing that receives more clicks and which are being ignored. Allow the test to start.  

Testing and tracking until you find the style navigating the site that best suits your site.

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