Top 10 tips and techniques for the Adsense in 2012

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Until recently, I have tried this "fashion" items out of style very Jakob Nielsen to collect the best tips to improve the program AdSense on our site. No big deal, but for those that began in this world will not come to them well:

Colors: a palette of colors that will place ads on our site are a very important factor to consider. There are two sides: those who prefer to integrate ads to web design as it is and I also believe, and those who prefer to shed light on the ads to attract visitors. In Patrocinalia make a small point that this definition will not improve. Google also provides the ability to rotate colors.

Use search forms: in addition to text ads, we have the ability to add custom search engine for our site. This, as well as being sweet, even by Google to add a form of content on our site, can bring benefits if visitors access to sponsored links in the search performed.

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